Saving the Next Generation

Saving The Next Generation

Saving the Next Generation (SNG) seeks to break the cycle of hatred, internecine conflict, political extremism and religious intolerance that plagues the Middle East. We promote the fundamental values of life, liberty, peace and opportunity in a modern, diverse and forward-looking Middle East. SNG helps girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 18 from different religious, social and economic backgrounds to better understand the world in which they live, to embrace diversity and to accept and cherish one another’s differences. SNG also provides scholarships for talented, underprivileged men and women aged 18 to 22 to attend superior universities both regionally and internationally. We provide all of these young people with opportunities to grow, to mingle with others and to experience new things and new ideas, away from the distractions of their everyday realities. We believe in the next generation; we seek to empower them to believe in themselves.

Following the Arab Spring, the West looked on in hopeful expectation as burgeoning democracies elected new governments. The results were both startling and disappointing to Western tastes, but, in the final analysis, not altogether surprising: after all, how can we expect populations that have lived in fear for generations under corrupt, repressive regimes to choose freedom over perceived incorruptibility, strength and religious rigor? However, without liberty, without a sense of balance and proportion, the Middle East may continue to alienate itself from the rest of the world and to blame its predicament on the very values which would provide its salvation: life, liberty, peace and opportunity.

The SNG mission and message is not a “quick fix” short-term solution to the problems of the Middle East. Rather, through education and by providing young people with a sense of their own self-worth and a viable alternative to the status quo, we hope to empower them to seize opportunities and shape their futures proactively. By providing the tools and assistance these young people need, both to gain a broader view of the world and to receive a superior education, we seek to free them to pursue their dreams, building a better, more stable and stronger Middle East and contributing to a brighter and more peaceful future for the world.